About Us

Welcome and thank you for visiting. Medical Product Guide is a comprehensive interactive data service bringing timely, accurate information on a wide spectrum of medical devices and related products and services to a range of healthcare professionals. Over fifteen thousand companies are represented in Medical Product Guide. Information on the devices, products, services and related resource content from these companies is compiled through our multidimensional research process as well as directly by the vendors themselves and is constantly being improved and enhanced.

Our goal is to provide physicians and healthcare professionals a highly efficient service to research, gather information and learn. Vendor and product information is organized in a clinically-focused taxonomy to provide focused navigation in addition to powerful direct search. Additional resource information such as clinical case studies, detail programs, videos, product literature and much more provides time-efficient learning and a point of engagement with other clinicians and vendors.

Medical Product Guide is distributed online via a network of leading medical publishers and associations as well as available on the portal site medicalproductguide.com. On our syndicate partner sites, device content is enhanced through associated linkage to highly targeted, relevant content to enhance the information experience. We will be adding targeted social media tools shortly that will allow site visitors to share knowledge and expertise publicly or privately with other community members bringing tremendous value to the research and procurement process.

For physicians and healthcare professionals, Medical Product Guide provides a valuable first step and research tool in the investigation of devices, products, services, vendors and the opinions of peers and other professionals.

For medical publishers, we provide a valuable new content source to enhance audience affinity, increase site engagement and revenue.

For medical device, product and service vendors, Medical Product Guide is a highly effective way to reach, inform and engage with physicians and other influential healthcare professionals to build brand and specific product knowledge. Our free membership allows full management of your company, device and resource information. A premium membership provides enhanced promotional elements, direct request for information contact and access to our tailored performance-based demand generation programs.

To learn more and speak to one of our account managers, please contact us.

Medical Product Guide is a service of MedData Group, LLC. We invite you to learn more about us and how we can assist with your healthcare interactive marketing at www.meddatagroup.com.