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Identification/Tracking/Security Systems, Person, Infant

Definition : Identification, tracking, and security systems designed for infant care and location. These systems include an infant identification tag (e.g., ankle or wrist band, umbilical cord clamp) with a radio transmitter attached, a tag-detection device (e.g., a reader), dedicated software, and a unit that displays information regarding the infant's location. When an infant wearing a tag is moved toward an off-limit area, a detector (e.g., receiver) picks up a signal from the tag and sends the information to an alerting and control unit to notify staff of the infant's movement. Control mechanisms, such as magnetic door locks, may also be activated. These systems are used to prevent newborn and/or infant abductions and/or to prevent unauthorized movement of newborns, infants, and/or children within the facility; they may also alert when the infant's tag does not match the mother's tag or when the tag is removed, preventing the tag from being cut to bypass the tracking alarm.

Entry Terms : "Identification/Security Systems, Patient, Infant" , "Security Systems, Infant Abduction Prevention" , "Infant Security Systems" , "Infant Identification and Security Systems" , "Infant Abduction Prevention Systems" , "Wandering Prevention Systems, Child" , "Newborn Abduction Prevention Systems" , "Infant Tracking Systems"

UMDC code : 18440

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