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Patches, Eye
Phacoemulsification Units, Cataract Extraction
Plethysmographs, Ocular, Segmental
Pressure Reducers, Intraocular
Printers, Video, Color
Printers, Video, Monochromatic
Prism Bars
Probes, Electrothermal Cautery, Covered
Probes, Electrothermal Cautery, Covered, Irrigated
Probes, Electrothermal Cautery, Uncovered
Probes, Ultrasonic, Phacoemulsification Unit
Procedure Kit/Trays, Aqueous/Vitreous Humor Replacement
Procedure Kit/Trays, Irrigation/Lavage, Eye
Procedure Kit/Trays, Scleral Shell Prosthesis Fixation
Projectors, Photographic Slide, Eye Chart
Prostheses, Eyeball
Prostheses, Scleral Shell
Pumps, Irrigation
Pumps, Irrigation, Catheter
Punches, Surgical, Eye, Corneoscleral
Punches, Surgical, Eye, Corneoscleral, Bench-Mounted
Punches, Surgical, Eye, Trabecular Meshwork

Optometric Management Diagnostic Instrument Buying Guide
Download this comprehensive buying guide for optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems. This report includes resources and specifications for Auto Refractors, Wavefront Aberrometers, Perimeters, Corneal Topographers, Corneal Biomechanics, Pachymeters and Binocular Indirects. An indispensable comparative resource.