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Tables, Examination/Treatment
Tables, Examination/Treatment, Adjustable
Tables, Examination/Treatment, Fixed
Tapes, Adhesive, Cloth
Tapes, Adhesive, Cloth, Hypoallergenic
Tapes, Adhesive, Cloth, Hypoallergenic/Waterproof
Tapes, Adhesive, Cloth, Medicated
Tapes, Adhesive, Cloth, Medicated, Zinc Oxide
Tapes, Adhesive, Cloth, Waterproof
Tapes, Adhesive, Paper
Tapes, Adhesive, Plastic
Tapes, Adhesive, Plastic, Film
Tapes, Adhesive, Plastic, Film, Hypoallergenic
Tapes, Adhesive, Plastic, Foam
Tapes, Adhesive, Plastic, Foam, Hypoallergenic
Testers, Solid Material Hardness
Timers, Phototherapy
Tissue Reconstructive Materials, Fluid
Tissue Reconstructive Materials, Solid
Topical Solution/Cream/Gels
Topical Solution/Cream/Gels, Injured Skin
Topical Solution/Cream/Gels, Injured Skin, Scar/Keloid Inhibition
Topical Solution/Cream/Gels, Injured Skin, Scar/Keloid Inhibition, Germicidal
Topical Solution/Cream/Gels, Injured Skin, Scar/Keloid Inhibition, Silicone Gel
Topical Solution/Cream/Suppositories, Rectum
Topical Solution/Creams, Nasal
Topical Solution/Creams, Podiatric
Topical Solution/Creams, Ultraviolet Protection
Topical Tablets, Vaginal

Put Your Best Hand Forward
We have all heard the expression “Put your best foot forward.” People rarely form impressions about our age and health by looking at our feet because they usually are covered by shoes. It is time for dermatologists to elevate their promotion of cosmetic treatment of the hands so patients can put their best hand forward.
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