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Definition : Ophthalmic measuring instruments designed to determine the anomalies of color vision by assessing how the patient matches yellow light with a mixture of green and red light. The devices consist of a system of light sources, a lens, prisms, slit mechanism, eyepieces, and controls with scales for adjusting the intensity and wavelength of the lights; some have a digital display for light parameter values. A patient observes the field in the eye-piece, half of which presents a yellow light and half of which presents a mixing of red and green light, and matches the two half fields by adjusting the brightness of the yellow light and/or the proportion of the red/green mixture. Anomaloscopes are used mainly for the assessment of color vision and the detection of color vision deficiency.

Entry Terms : "Ophthalmoleukoscopes" , "Measuring Instruments, Ophthalmic, Color Vision" , "Ophthalmic Measuring Instruments" , "Measuring Instruments, Ophthalmic"

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