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Computer-Aided Detection Systems, Image, Virtual Colonoscopy

Definition : Computer-aided detection systems designed to detect and classify areas in virtual colonoscopy (i.e., CT or MRI colonography) images with abnormalities (e.g., polyps, lesions) that may be indicative of colon cancer. These systems typically consist of an image digitizer, a computer capable of using appropriate algorithms to map the colon centerline and find suspected elevated tissue regions (i.e., polyps), and a display that provides images showing regions of interest (ROI) in the colon and rectum that may require further review. Virtual colonoscopy systems may also display maximum, minimum, and volume measurements of the polyps for segmented tissue regions.

Entry Terms : "Computer-Aided Detection Systems, Colon Imaging, Computed Tomography" , "Computerized Tomography Colonography Image Detection Systems" , "Magnetic Resonance Colonography Image Detection Systems" , "Virtual Colonoscopy Image Computer-Aid Detection Systems"

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