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Arthroplasty Templates, Knee

Definition : Arthroplasty templates of the knees designed from images previously obtained (i.e., pre-operatively) from computerized tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, or other imaging procedures. The templates consist of very accurate computerized (digital) maps of the knee articulation and are made of solid materials that permit guidance of surgical instruments such as drills and knives when placed on the articulation surface. Knee templates are used in arthroplasty procedures to determine the size of the implants and the cutting strategy. They are also used to repair the cartilage using plugs of cartilage (i.e., autografts) from other areas of the knee less critical to its function in a procedure called mosaicplasty.

Entry Terms : "Knee Arthroplasty Templates" , "Mosaicplasty Knee Templates"

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