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Blu-Ray Players

Definition : Video and audio players designed to reproduce (playback) large amounts of digital data stored in a special type of optical disk known as Blu-ray and has a greater density than digital versatile disks (e.g., 25, 50 GB). They are mainly intended for high-definition video signals storage. These players usually consist of an electromechanical device that includes an optical reader with a "blue" (violet) light laser (typically 405 nm wavelength); data processors; controls; and a slot to place a Blu-ray disk (BD). The players also include a digital/analog converter and other accessories such as a display and loudspeakers to playback both video and audio signals (typical in portable players) or provide output to high-definition video reproduction systems (e.g., monitors or television sets) that may include 3-D signals. Most Blu-ray players have capabilities to play digital versatile disks and audio and video optical compact discs (CDs) using the same disk slot. BD players are available in tabletop, rack mounted, and portable versions; BD players may provide direct access to Internet data. Most BD recorders include also playback capabilities.

Entry Terms : "Blue Ray Players" , "High Definition Blu-Ray Video Players" , "Three Dimension (3D) Blu-Ray Video Players"

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