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Analyzers, Point-of-Care, Whole Blood, Lactate

Definition : Point-of-care analyzers dedicated to measuring lactate in whole blood. Some point-of-care lactate analyzers can also measure lactate in plasma, serum, or cerebrospinal fluid. Most of these analyzers use amperometric methods (i.e., electric current is measured through an electrochemical cell while a constant electric potential is applied to immobilized enzyme electrodes). These analyzers are used in critical care units and emergency rooms, for sports medicine and exercise physiology, to determine lactate acidosis, and to assess other disorders such as cerebrovascular accidents and decreased liver perfusion.

Entry Terms : "Blood Lactate Monitors"

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Nova Biomedical Corp

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Nova manufactures hand-held, whole blood POC meters, and blood gas/critical care analyzers. StatStrip Glucose measures glucose in 6 sec using 1.2µL of blood and corrects for Hct, Maltose, and other interferences. StatStrip Lactate provides a lab-like result in 13 sec on 0.7µL of whole blood. Stat Profile pHOx analyzers measure up to 20 tests from 150µL of whole blood in 2 minutes. Tests include pH, PCO2, PO2, SO2%, Na, K, Cl, iCa, iMg, Hb, Hct, Glu, Lac, Creat, BUN, bilirubin, and co-ox

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