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Analyzers, Point-of-Care, Urine

Definition : Point-of-care analyzers that perform semiquantitative chemical analysis to determine the presence of certain analytes and estimate their concentrations in a urine sample. Most of these analyzers require the technician, to immerse the reagent portion of the dipstick in the urine specimen and place the strip in the instrument, usually one specimen at a time. Point-of-care urine analyzers usually use reflectance photometry methods (typically, the amount of light produced by an LED and reflected from a reagent-impregnated test pad that has reacted with the urine sample is measured). These analyzers can detect one or more analytes such as bilirubin, glucose, ketones, or protein using reagent-embedded dipsticks, but the results are less precise than those obtained with laboratory multianalyte chemical analyzers. These analyzers are used to help physicians in diagnosing and managing renal, urinary tract, and metabolic diseases.

Entry Terms : "Urine Analyzers"

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