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Analyzers, Physiologic, Body Composition, Hydrostatic Weighing

Definition : Physiologic analyzers that determine fat/fat-free (fat/lean) tissue ratio in human body composition by measuring the subject's weight both out of water and submerged in water. These systems typically consist of a water tank and a cot where the patient kneels during water immersion and that include the weighing gauges, some means to determine residual lung volume during immersion, and computing capabilities for data processing and recording. Hydrostatic weighing analyzers are considered an accurate method for fat/fat-free body determinations in research and for use in healthy adults.

Entry Terms : "Hydrostatic Weighing Body Composition Analyzers" , "Densitometry Fat/Lean Analyzers" , "Densitometry Body Composition Analyzers"

UMDC code : 18778

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