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Hand Drills

Definition : Handheld instruments designed to hold and provide rotatory movement (i.e., torque) to integral or detachable devices. Hand drills consist of a manually propelled (some are known as braces) or powered (e.g., electric, pneumatic) instrument that typically include a chuck and work with other detachable components such as drill bits, burs, reamers, and trephines; some hand drills are used with special guides and/or to work over a guide wire. Hand drills may include an integral drill bit for a particular use; battery operated electric drills provide autonomous operation without connection to external power sources. Hand drills are primarily intended to excavate cylindrical holes on objects, tissues, and/or other anatomic parts or the body; they are used in healthcare for a variety of biopsy, surgical, dental, postmortem, and/or other procedures. Hand drills are also used for installation and maintenance tasks on healthcare devices.

UMDC code : 11329

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