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Brachytherapy Systems, Intravascular

Definition : Brachytherapy systems designed to deliver radiation (e.g., beta, gamma) to tissue inside the vessels (e.g., coronary or peripheral arteries). These systems typically consist of a radioisotope source delivery unit and a catheter specially designed for application of the intravascular radiation. The most common isotope for gamma irradiation is Iridium-192; for beta irradiation, Phosporous-32, Rhenium-188, Yttrium-90, Strontium-90, and their compounds are used. Intravascular restenosis brachytherapy systems are mainly intended to prevent and/or treat excessive intimal proliferation of tissue that progressively obstructs the arterial lumen (i.e., restenosis) of arteries after angioplasty procedures, frequently inside implanted stents.

Entry Terms : "In-Stent Restenosis Brachytherapy Systems" , "Restenosis Brachytherapy Systems" , "Intravascular Restenosis Brachytherapy Systems" , "Intravascular Brachytherapy Systems"

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Theragenics Corp

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Theragenics Corporation operates two business segments: its surgical products business and its brachytherapy seed business. Its surgical products business manufactures and distributes wound closure, vascular access, and specialty needle products. Wound closure products include sutures, needles and other surgical products.

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