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Analyzers, Laboratory, Hematology, Blood/Component Volume

Definition : Hematology analyzers designed to measure total blood and/or some of its components (e.g., plasma and red cell) volume in a person's circulatory system; the devices can also determine the normal quantity of blood that an individual should have according to his/her body size. The measurements are based on the time rate of disappearance of a radioactive tracer (e.g., iodine isotope 131, I131) that is typically attached to albumin (the most abundant blood protein). A small amount of tracer is injected through an intravenous line using a special, pre-filled, small, and calibrated syringe. Typically five samples are collected using a standard blood collection setup in five- to six-minute intervals after an initial waiting period of 10 to 12 minutes. Blood/component volume measuring analyzers are intended for use after sudden blood loss (e.g., hemorrhage, surgery); they may be used also for blood donors and in patients suffering from renal and/or heart failures.

Entry Terms : "Red Blood Cell Volume Measuring Devices" , "Plasma Volume Measuring Devices" , "Blood Component Volume Analyzers" , "Blood Volume Measuring Devices" , "Blood Volume Analyzers"

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Daxor Corp

Company Type: Parent

DAXOR Corporation is an innovative medical instrumentation and biotechnology company. We manufacture the BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer, the first instrument approved by the FDA to provide rapid direct measurement of a patient's blood volume. We believe that the BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer has the potential to transform therapy in a broad range of surgical and medical conditions. It is our goal, working in conjunction with hospitals and clinics, to achieve that possibility. The BVA-100 is a semi-automated Blood Volume Analyzer. It is used in conjunction with a single use diagnostic kit. It is the first FDA-approved instrument to provide rapid direct measurement of a patient's blood volume.

Transonic Systems Inc

Company Type: Parent

Founded in 1983, Transonic SystemsTM is the industry leader in biomedical flow measurement innovation & quality. Our transit-time ultrasound and ultrasound dilution technologies are the recognized gold standards in cardiovascular surgery, research and hemodialysis.

1-2 of 2 Match(es).