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Printers, Computer/Network

Definition : Printers designed to produce a standard and/or high-definition, permanent text or graphic copy (i.e., hard copy) on full-size (e.g., letter, legal) and/or nonstandard, large-format paper or other appropriate media (e.g., transparency) from data stored in computers or computer networks. These printers may use a variety of technologies to print documents, including ink-spray (typically liquid ink-jet printers), toner-based (typically laser printers), thermal transference (e.g., solid-ink printers), and, less frequently, impact (e.g., dot matrix printers). Printers using other technologies intended for specific applications are also available. Computer/network printers are used mainly in healthcare facilities as peripherals of computers and workstations. They provide hard copies to computerized hospital information (e.g., imaging, laboratory, administrative) system users.

Entry Terms : "Computer/Network Printers" , "Network Printers" , "Computer Printers" , "Thermal Tape Printers" , "Dye Sublimation Printers" , "Thermal Printers"

UMDC code : 23103

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