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Aspirator/Irrigators, Eye Surface

Definition : Aspirators/irrigators designed for automated or semiautomated irrigation and washing of the eye surface (i.e., sclera and cornea). These devices typically consist of a main electromechanical unit that may include a pump for infusion of nonmedicated liquids (e.g., saline), an extractor, and controls for the temperature and the rate of irrigation; the units may be coupled to special (e.g., Morgan therapeutic) lenses and/or to dedicated (e.g., Lewis) handpieces, cannulae, catheters, and/or probes. Eye lavage units are used to remove damaged tissue and/or debris (e.g., foreign objects) before and/or during ophthalmic procedures or surgery and in emergency departments; the units are frequently available as an integral part or to be attached to ophthalmic examination and/or surgical (e.g., phacoemulsification) units.

Entry Terms : "Eye Surface Aspirator/Irrigators" , "Lavage Units, Corneal"

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Katena Products Inc

Company Type: Parent

Katena Products, Inc. is the largest independently owned American company dedicated exclusively to ophthalmic surgical instrumentation. Katena offers its products to over 7,000 customers in the United States and, through a global network of distributors, to customers in more than 100 countries around the world.

KC Pharmaceuticals Inc

Company Type: Parent

KC Pharmaceuticals Inc. is committed to manufacturing, labeling, and marketing drug products and medical devices, which are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations by continuously monitoring, and improving quality systems and the management of such systems.

MorTan Inc

Company Type: Parent

When emergency departments are faced with ocular trauma, they turn to the most effective method of ocular irrigation, the Morgan Lens. Widely used by physicians, nurses and other medical personnel, the Morgan Lens delivers a continuous flow of solution to the injured eye within seconds, freeing medical staff to treat other injuries or to transport the patient without interruption.Consisting of a molded lens with directional fins, attached tubing and adaptor, the Morgan Lens provides lavage to the cornea and conjuctiva, instantly and effectively treating chemical and thermal burns or helping to remove non-embedded foreign materials in the eye.

1-3 of 3 Match(es).